hassle free form creation and data collection

Want to create your own custom form & data collection without a hitch?

Tweak it as you need It.

Flooded with options of inbuilt components like textbox, radio buttons, dropdown list, image upload button, bar-code scanning & Geo-location enabled tag, form creation is no longer a hassle. Create your personalised form(s) according to your need.

Create forms on the fly , Anywhere Anytime.

Let go the laborious paper-works, high time to switch over to smart mobile forms. Create it from anywhere, anytime and update your workforce with new assignments.

Drawback: BMF doesn't serve outside Planet Earth.

As long as it’s within earth’s territory, BMF collects data from anywhere. Optimise your workforce, avoid on-field paperworks, make form filling a fun experience for the eager beavers.

Save it. Forget it.

Well it’s simple, it works both in online and offline mode.

Analyse it. Visualise it

analyse the collected data and visualise it through GIS

BMF Clouds It.

Data gets stored and secured in the Cloud. Download the form(s) the next second it gets filled on field.

Download the App both in iOS & Android

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